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Temòlote is a company located at 6 sur 525, San Salvador el Seco, 75160 Puebla, Mexico; with telephone: 249 108 3453. Our Data Protection Officer is Jesús Hernández Sánchez and you can contact her by email: Temòlote is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information obtained from you (hereinafter also referred to as “the user”) through its online and in-store services. However, we suggest you read the regulations described below to understand the treatment of the data provided.

Personal information

Information will be collected in different ways and from different areas of the site: and from in-store services. All personal data that the user voluntarily enters at said addresses will be subject to the security and privacy regulations. Information will be requested such as:

  • Names and surnames.
  • Email.
  • Address.
  • Telephone.
  • Tax data for the preparation of invoices.

The information requested will allow customers to be contacted when necessary. Users may be contacted by phone or email in case they require additional data to complete a service.


When the user is on the site they will share their information with Temòlote, unless otherwise specified. Temòlote has no obligation to keep confidential any other information that the user provides through newsletters and online talks (chats), as well as through stores, the foregoing based on the terms established in article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law and Article 76 bis, section I, of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

Information may only be disseminated in special cases, such as identifying, locating or taking legal action against those who violate the conditions of service of Cause damage to, or interfere with, the rights of Temòlote, its properties, other users of the portal or any person who could be harmed by said actions. Temòlote will NOT sell, give away, provide or rent confidential information to third parties. If the user does not want their data to be shared, they may dispense with a specific service or refrain from participating in some promotions or contests. Temòlote will NOT share confidential information with third parties, unless expressly authorized by its subscribers or when by means of a court order it is required to comply with certain procedural provisions.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

The personal data provided by you will be part of a file that will contain your profile, which can be accessed or modified by you at any time, using your personal identification data or can also be canceled by phone or email. You, as a customer, are advised to update your data periodically by phone or email. Likewise, if you participate in promotions via email, you can deactivate this service at any time.

Confidentiality for minors

Safeguarding children’s information is extremely important. Therefore, the data requested to provide the services provided to this sector will be minimal. Parents and guardians are recommended to advise minors when browsing the internet and to approve the sending of any type of personal information.

Changes in privacy policies

Temòlote reserves the right to make changes to these privacy policies at any time and adapt them to new legislation, jurisprudence, as well as market practices. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically read the privacy policies to be aware of such modifications, which when introduced in our manual and website will automatically take effect. These changes will be available to the public on our website.

Acceptance of the terms

This declaration of Confidentiality and Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of the website and to the terms and conditions in store, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Temòlote. If the user uses the services on this website, it means that she has read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth above. If you do not agree with them, the user should not provide any personal information, or use the services of the Temòlote sites.

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