About Us

We exist because of the love we have for San Salvador el Seco.

Handicrafts have always been an important source of income for our community, however, as a result of the COVID-19 contingency, these incomes decreased, causing entire families to lose their jobs.

Temòlote was born in order to support our community, offering our crafts internationally, and at the same time, exporting part of our Mexican culture.



We seek well-being for the artisan community of San Salvador el Seco, as well as sharing the historical and cultural weight of the pieces manufactured by them.


To be a leading brand in the volcanic stone crafts sector. As well as housing and preserving part of the culture of San Salvador el Seco.


We are committed to promoting sales of handicrafts abroad, in turn, guaranteeing the quality of the products and services provided.


We are convinced that the only way to progress is by working together. Hand in hand with artisans and our collaborators we will reach our vision.


At the time of making the purchase, when they contact us with doubts and at all times, they can be sure that we are more than a brand, we are human.


With the environment, with the artisans and with the client.

Our Team

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